Certified Ethical Hacking Certification Training - CEH v12

Sky Tech Academy offers you a chance to earn a globally recognized CEH v12 certification that focuses on core cyber security skills which are essential for security and network analysts. The training is ideal to validate your skill set in network security, session hijacking, cryptography, system penetration testing, building firewalls, footprinting, and more to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). Sky Tech Academy's CEH v12 training enables you to handle any challenges that arise in the cyber security domain and gives you a solid understanding of the security aspects.

Course Description

Following are the key features of this CEH course:

  • Includes CEH v12 Exam Voucher from EC-Council
  • 6 months free access to CEH v12 Hands-On Labs
  • Course kit includes eCourseware from EC-Council
  • CEI Certified Trainers

To achieve the Certification, you must pass the CEH official examination after either attending CEH training at an Accredited Training Center like Sky Tech Academy, or through self-study. If you self-study, you must fill out an application and submit proof of at least two years of experience in the network security domain.

Security professionals attending this program will learn the professional practice of ethical hacking. You will get hands-on with the Cyber Kill chain, you will learn how to evaluate target systems for vulnerabilities, misconfiguration and weaknesses, you’ll learn how to find the weakest link in an organization through concepts like social engineering, most of all, you will learn how hackers operate, what tactics they use, and how to apply those tactics in a professional setting to identify weaknesses in your organization and apply remediation strategies before your organization becomes the next victim of a cyberattack or breach.

The CEH v12 course will teach you the latest commercial-grade hacking tools, techniques, and methodologies used by hackers and information security professionals to lawfully hack an organization.

Course Curriculam


  • Information Security Overview
  • Hacking Methodologies and Frameworks
  • Hacking Concepts
  • Ethical Hacking Concepts
  • Information Security Controls
  • Information Security Laws and Standards

 Skills You will Learn:

  • Basics of Ethical Hacking
  • Laws and Compliance of Cyber Security
  • Information Security Controls


  • Footprinting Concepts
  • Footprinting through Search Engines
  • Footprinting through Web Services
  • Footprinting through Social Networking Sites
  • Website Footprinting
  • Email Footprinting
  • Whois Footprinting
  • DNS Footprinting
  • Network Footprinting
  • Footprinting through Social Engineering
  • Footprinting Tools
  • Footprinting Countermeasures


  • Use Recon-Ng to gather information
  • Use Maltego for data discovery
  • Use FOCA for metadate analysis

 Skills You will Learn:

  • Information Gathering
  • Target mapping
  • Pre-attack phase of ethical hacking


  • Network Scanning Concepts
  • Scanning Tools
  • Host Discovery
  • Port and Service Discovery
  • OS Discovery (Banner Grabbing/OS Fingerprinting)
  • Scanning Beyond IDS and Firewall
  • Network Scanning Countermeasures


  • Use tools such as Nmap
  • Implement countermeasures

 Skills You will Learn:

  • Mapping Network
  • Understand a Network’s Security


  • Enumeration Concepts
  • NetBIOS Enumeration
  • SNMP Enumeration
  • LDAP Enumeration
  • NTP and NFS Enumeration
  • SMTP and DNS Enumeration
  • Other Enumeration Techniques (IPsec, VoIP, RPC, Unix/Linux, Telnet, FTP, TFTP, SMB, IPv6, and BGP enumeration)
  • Enumeration Countermeasures


  • Bruteforce or enumerate data from a target with tools
  • Exploit a discovery

 Skills You will Learn:

  • Various Enumeration Techniques
  • Enumerate a target with different technologies


  • Vulnerability Assessment Concepts
  • Vulnerability Classification and Assessment Types
  • Vulnerability Assessment Tools
  • Vulnerability Assessment Reports


  • Use tools such as acunetix, nessus
  • Assess vulnerability of target

 Skills You will Learn:

  • Quickly deploy and identify target threats
  • Discover public loopholes in network

Course Features

  • 40 Hrs Instructor-Led Training
  • World-Class Instructors
  • Instant doubt clearing

  • Includes CEH v12 Exam Voucher
  • 6 months free access to Hands-On Labs
  • Course kit includes eCourseware

  • One-On-One Learning Assistance
  • Help Desk Support
  • Resolve Doubts in Real-time

  • Industry relevant Hands-On Labs
  • Modern Case Studies
  • Mock Questions

  • Accredited training partner of EC-Council
  • Sky Tech Academy Training Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion

CEH Training Online
Price - $950
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Gregory A

Product Manager


“ I recently had the opportunity to attend Certified Scrum Product Owner ® (CSPO) at Sky Tech and I must say, it was a great experience. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and able to clearly convey the material in a way that was easy to understand. The examples he provided to understand the concepts was awesome. The course materials provided were top-notch. The online platform used for the course was user-friendly and the support staff were quick to resolve any technical issues that arose. Overall, the course met my expectations, and I would highly recommend Sky Tech to anyone looking to enhance their career. Their commitment to providing high-quality training is evident in every aspect of their courses. Thank you, Sky Tech, for an excellent learning experience! “

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